Intentional Logic offers a variety of services to suit your engineering needs.  We will talk with you to determine your exact needs and come up with a customized program.

What we do?
Training, mentoring, talks, consulting, and product design.

Who do we do it for?
Individuals, startups, companies, schools, hackerspaces, and community groups.

Where do we do it?
Locations vary depending on what is required, but generally mentoring and training it is done at your facility.

Where are we located?
We are located in the Denver-Boulder, Colorado area.

What subjects do we do it on?
General engineering, general product development, supplier relations, electrical engineering, career development, and team management.

What, specifically, about electrical engineering?
High speed digital logic, high speed PCB design, signal integrity, power integrity, FPGA development, power supplies, CPU’s and MCU’s, audio, clocking, and much more.

What do we charge?
Our rates are competitive.  Email for a quote at