In The Beginning…

Woo Hoo!  Intentional Logic, LLC has started!  In this inaugural blog, I would like to discuss what the company is all about and where we’d like to take it.

Let’s start with the name, Intentional Logic.  In engineering, many things are taken for granted or happen by accident.  Sometimes this is intentional (due to lack of resources), or unintentional (due to lack of knowledge).  To grow, an engineer needs to become more aware of this and engineer deliberately.  

Some examples of what electrical engineers leave for chance are:  PCB stackup, signal termination, switching regulator stability, debugging, and even professional growth!

Our logo incorporates the electrical symbol for a ground.  We strive to be well grounded in our efforts.  The ultimate goal of our engineering is to manufacture products.  With that in mind, we must take a pragmatic approach to our efforts.  At the end of the day, we have to get the design done and that’s where the pragmatic approach is best.

While our focus will be on Electrical Engineering, many of the subjects we will cover apply to all engineering.  We will also stray into mechanical engineering and software development.  

Future blog topics are signal and power integrity, debugging, career development, etc.  If you have a suggestion for a blog post topic, you can email with “[TOPIC]” in the subject line.